Why bio-increasing agents can promote plant growth, increase production & increase value
2020-05-19 18:10:04

1. Amino acids are plant nutrients and are essential nutrients for plant growth. Because amino acids can synthesize proteins, the importance of proteins to animals and plants should be clear to everyone. Plants cannot grow normally without amino acids.

2. Amino acids have a significant effect on plant photosynthesis. It can increase plant chlorophyll content, increase enzyme activity, promote carbon dioxide penetration, make photosynthesis more vigorous, and play an important role in improving crop quality and increasing the content of c and sugar.

3. Amino acids are effective plant growth regulators. The process of crop growth and development requires various nutrients and substances. The proportion of these nutrients and substances absorbed and the balance in the body have a great impact on the nutrition and physiology of crops. It is related to the quality of crop fruits, and it is the key ingredient to solve this problem. Plant spraying or irrigation of amino acid nutrient liquid fertilizer can increase the various nutrients required in the plant body, intensify the accumulation of dry matter and from plant roots or leaves The speed and quantity of the operation from other parts to other parts, adjust the proportion and balance state of a large number of elements, trace elements and various nutrients, so as to regulate the normal growth of plants.

4. Amino acids are powerful complexing agents such as nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K) and other large elements, Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn, B, Mo and other trace elements are necessary substances in crops. . Crops often show symptoms of lack of certain elements.The reason is that the content of the effective part that can be absorbed by the crop is too small, and amino acids can chelate with insoluble elements, protect the elements needed by the crop, and generate good solubility , Chelates that are easily absorbed by crops, thereby facilitating plant absorption. Here, the amino acid acts as a complexing agent. "Nongyan Dayue" not only contains abundant amino acids but also contains trace elements required by plants. Amino acids exist in "Nongyan Dayue" as the smallest molecule that constitutes protein, which has the characteristics of being easily absorbed by crops; it also has the function of improving disease resistance of sprayed crops and improving crop quality. Supplement the essential amino acids of plants, stimulate and regulate the rapid growth of plants, promote plant growth and promote the absorption of nutrients. Promote the metabolic function of plants, improve photosynthesis, promote the development of plant roots, accelerate plant growth and reproduction. Improve plant yield and quality.