Composition and function of active biological production increasing degradation agent
2020-05-19 18:11:00

This product is a pure natural, additive-free and pollution-free biological preparation, containing 18 kinds of amino acids, protein, a variety of trace elements, a variety of active enzymes, a variety of active peptides and a variety of microbial beneficial bacteria (Bacillus subtilis, lichen Bacillus, Bacillus megaterium, Bacillus peptone, etc.).

Main function: It can block plants from absorbing heavy metals, degrade pesticide residues, provide sufficient plant nutrition, improve the disease resistance and immunity of plants, so as not to apply fertilizer or less fertilizer; because of the special plant resistance Ingredients can reduce the use of pesticides and even achieve the effect of not playing pesticides; can improve the soil, promote the corrosion and absorption of organic matter in the soil, increase the reproduction of beneficial bacteria in the soil; increase the rate of fertilizer use, promote plant absorption of nutrients, improve fertilizer efficiency, and its metabolic production The polyglutamic acid has a strong ability to retain water and fertilizer; it can improve the soil, loose compaction, balanced nutrients, improve the fertility, activate the soil composition, improve the soil water and fertilizer retention capacity, effectively curb soil degradation, improve saline land.