How to use rice
2020-05-19 18:14:55

1. Seed soaking: Soak the seeds at 1:30 with clear water. It is advisable to soak the seeds for no less than 48 hours. After soaking, dry and sow. Can be sterilized, promote the root system to develop, the effect of neat buds.

2. Root dipping: When the seedlings are transplanted, this product is mixed with mud at 1:30 and planted after dipping the roots. When planting the seedlings, the paddy field water should be less. It can help the injured seedling root to heal, increase the survival rate, and turn green faster.

3. Top dressing: 15-20 days after transplanting, spray the leaves with 1: 60-100 of water to promote effective tillering of seedlings, provide sufficient nutrition for seedlings, promote seedlings to be thick and dry, and prevent pests and diseases. Lay the foundation for increasing production.

4. Second top dressing: After the rice is raised, spraying with 1:60 and clear water can make the rice ears fuller, with a higher fruit setting rate and less empty shells, thereby increasing production.

6. Follow the steps throughout the rice cultivation process, no need to apply chemical fertilizers and pesticides. While increasing rice production, rice can reach the national green rice standard. It can also be used in stages and will have varying degrees of effect.

7. Choose good weather with no wind and rain when spraying. It is best to spray at high temperature in the evening. In case of rain within 24 hours after spraying, you need to re-spray again.