How to use tea
2020-05-19 18:14:05

1. Fertilization from mid-October to late October: Diluted with 1:30 and fertilized together in organic fertilizer; one kilogram per mu. It can make the root system of the tea tree more developed, and at the same time provide nutrients for the growth of the tea tree, so as to achieve the purpose of cold resistance and drought resistance.

2. Spraying one: At the early stage of tea bud germination, spraying the leaves with 1:30 thinner 5 days before and after fish leaf development can promote the early germination of tea buds and pick them 7-14 days in advance. The thickness of tea bud leaves increased by more than 20%. Significantly improve the quality of tea

3. Spraying 2: In the middle of the growth of tea buds, the growth of true leaves is completed (3-4 leaves), spray the leaves with 1:30 thinner. It can prevent pests and diseases, reduce pesticide residues in tea, and reduce the composition of harmful substances in tea. At the same time, tea buds absorb nutrients to increase production,

4. Spraying 3: After the tea is picked, spraying the leaves with 1:30 thinner can effectively promote the second rapid growth of tea buds, shorten the growth cycle, and increase the yield of tea.

5. Soaking: When cultivating new tea tree seedlings, soak the branches with 1:30 thinner for 1 hour, and then cut them to make the new tea branches take root quickly, and the root system is more developed, and it can prevent the diseases and insect pests of the new tea tree seedlings.

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