How to use citrus
2020-05-19 18:16:07

There are four periods in the life cycle of citrus: sapling, early fruiting, fruiting, late fruiting and senescence. The management of fertilization and pruning are different in different periods.

So how to use "Nongyan Dayue" active biological yield-increasing degradation agent on citrus?

1. Young tree period: Mainly focus on the cultivation of root system and crown, because this period must strengthen the tree nutrition, you can use "Nongyan Dayue" 1: 500 against spring water or farm fertilizer to irrigate roots during spring, summer, autumn and winter To promote the development of the root system. When the new shoots grow to 4-5 leaves, spray the leaves with 1: 200 to promote the thick branches and leaves to flourish to enhance nutrition and prevent the occurrence of diseases and insect pests.

Second, the result period: In particular, we must grasp the following growth cycles to use "Nongyan Joy".

1. Germination and flowering period: before the spring equinox arrives at Qingming, at the latest before March 25, when the spring shoots grow and the flower buds appear, spray the citrus leaf surface with "Nong Yan Day Yue" 1: 200 and clear water to provide sufficient nutrition for the flower buds , It can promote the growth of spring shoots, promote the development of healthy flower organs, neat flowering, long flowering period, improve the fruit setting rate, prevent the occurrence of pests and diseases, and prevent the injury of inverted spring cold.

2. Fruit resistance period: from late April to late May, the key period for fruit setting and preventing pests and diseases is also the weakest period of citrus. Spraying citrus leaf surface with "Nong Yan Day Yue" 1: 100-200 and clear water can provide Adequate nutrition, reduce fruit drop due to malnutrition, prevent red and yellow spiders, malignant leaf beetles and other diseases and insect pests.

3. In July-August, pruning the autumn shoots with "Nongyan Dayue" 1: 500-1000 with clear water or farm fertilizer to irrigate the roots, when the autumn shoots grow to 6-8 leaves, use "Nongyan Dayue" 1: 100-200 spray Foliage application can provide sufficient nutrients for the tree body, promote fruit enlargement and increase sugar content; it can promote the greenness of autumn shoot leaves and thick branches, provide sufficient nutrition for the differentiation stage of flower buds, promote the increase of effective flower buds, and lay the foundation for a good harvest in the coming year; Reduce the occurrence of diseases and insect pests.

4. From mid-October to mid-November, after picking citrus, use "Nongyan Dayue" 1: 500 to apply winter fertilizer in the base fertilizer and spray the foliage with 1: 100 to clear water to ensure that the citrus tree is nutritious enough to come The differentiation of flower buds in spring. And prevent the occurrence of pests and diseases.

Notes on using citrus:

1. It cannot be sprayed during flowering, so as not to affect the fertilization and pollination of flowers and affect the yield.

2. Cannot be used with other pesticides at the same time, and other growth hormones cannot be used after use.

3. Spray the foliage on a cloudy day or without wind or rain. It needs to be re-sprayed in case of rain within 24 hours after spraying.

4. After using "Nongyan Dayue", use fertilizers and pesticides as appropriate according to the actual growth of citrus trees.

5. The spraying of pesticide should be separated from spraying "Nongyan Dayue" by 7 days.