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Build China's green and organic agriculture and manufacture products that make people most at ease

With the successful convening of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the “implementation of rural revitalization strategy” proposed by the Party Central Committee and the State Council provided a timely and warm policy dongfeng for the rapid development of Beikang Biology.

With the accelerating urbanization process in rural China, the deepening of industrialization has also brought about increasingly serious problems of soil acidification, excessive heavy metals, pesticide residues, and degradation of crop quality. Comrade Xi Jinping once pointed out seriously: "Green water and green mountains are the golden mountains and silver mountains." As a severe disaster area for environmental degradation, the restoration of rural ecology is a major event that affects the well-being of all citizens. Promoting the development of green and organic agriculture is the proper meaning of high-quality agricultural development and the objective requirement of the socialist 5.0 rural revitalization.

The first product is to build China's green organic agriculture

The second phase of the product will be to build China's healthy aquaculture industry

The third phase of the product will be to create human health nutrient solution

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1. Cooperate with counterpart colleges and universities to obtain more and more scientific data with a scientific and rigorous attitude, so as to better guide the use of agricultural enterprises and promote technology.

2. Cooperate with professional and authoritative experts to make the follow-up products more refined, develop more products on the market, and make the products more excellent and sustainable development.

3. Look for partners who share the same ethics with the company and have the ambition to serve China's green agriculture, and set up regional agents at the provincial level, municipal level, and county level. All levels of agents are responsible for all sales in various regions with corporate operations And promotion.